Sports in Winter: The right sports fashion for the cold season

In no case the first layer of clothing made ​​of cotton should be, because the material absorbs moisture while, but very poorly dried. Much better are materials from a mix of materials such as microfiber, suitable. About the underwear a functional T-shirt should be worn, which is also breathable and is carried close to the body. It is suitable as a third layer a long-sleeved shirt made ​​of fleece. These are usually very elastic and comfortable to wear. The last layer of clothing should be the jacket. For the sport of running is running jackets are particularly well suited for the winter. In sports retailers one can find various models of different materials, such as fleece jackets, which should be as windproof and waterproof.

Especially handy on onion skin principle is that, depending on the outside temperature, may waive a garment. On warmer days, a T-shirt on the functional underwear is usually not necessary. For the legs the same applies as for the upper body. Thus, it is not too cold when running, should be used here , depending on temperature, short or long functional underwear . The running pants can be worn over it.

Protect the head and hands from the cold !
For the sport in winter hat and gloves occupy a high priority. About the head man loses up to 50 % of its body heat, so that the head is particularly sensitive to cold. A sports cap should therefore be prepared strictly in the wardrobe in winter. The same applies to the hands that are cold quickly during sports. Warming Gloves protect against cold and wind and should also dry quickly.

The correct sportswear is fundamentally important and should also in other sports, such as gymnastics, weight training or endurance sports, not be disregarded. If you train at home on the exercise bike, like the elliptical machine, stationary bike or treadmill, you should also be sure to wear the right fashion. Functional clothing is appropriate when training at home as well as for the sport in the fresh air. The onion skin principle, however, because of the higher temperatures hardly needed.

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Sports clothes fashion and sports shoes-the right clothing for active

Functional underwear made ​​of microfiber has the further advantage that it is much easier to care for than simple cotton underwear and rarely begins to smell of sweat. Usually it is sufficient airing the underwear after sports overnight in the fresh air.

From time to time, of course, they should be washed in a conventional laundry detergent at 30 or 40 degrees in the machine. Softener should be doing or be avoided. Probably the largest selection of quality sports apparel feature a variety of manufacturers can be found at Zalando. Zalando is not only present in Germany with its own website, but also in Austria and Switzerland.

What to consider when purchasing athletic shoes ?

Sports shoes need to be particularly well adapted and be closely matched to the appropriate size and composition of the foot. Besides a good crush resistance and a stable level also during sports shoe purchase should be in accordance with good locks. Apart from the choice of shoes should be done in each case taking into account the sport each executed and supported by expert advice.

High quality sports shoes should optimally distribute depending on the load, the load on the entire contact surface of the foot and thus the best possible way relieve the ankle and knee joints. Matching, breathable socks can protect the sensitive and highly stressed areas of the foot from abrasion and painful blisters.

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